Happy Thoughts


One goal I have always had with this blog is finding ways to create mental space throughout the day. Forget the mindfulness and leadership for a moment, and let’s focus on how we can keep you mentally fit, focused, and at your best even during the most stressful situations.

We all have those moments in which the fate of our day is teetering on a single moment. How we decide to handle this situation can either lead to a glass half full or half empty by the end of the night, and it’s critical you make the positive choice.

I have mentioned before in a previous blog, Stopping Negative Patterns, that just because you have a bad moment, you shouldn’t let it lead to a bad day, to a bad week etc, but how do you avoid the bad moment altogether?


One of my ways to create some space and avoid these stressful and anxious situations throughout my day is to clear my mind and think about something happy in order to bring my focus back. Sound too much like the Disney movie Polyanna, or a Sound of Music song?

I use humor, others use show tunes, but bring yourself back to your best by creating space!

I use humor, others use show tunes, but bring yourself back to your best by creating space!

Yes I know it does sound a little cheesy, but by taking a deep breath and allowing your mind to reset around a happy thought or memory, you can regain your focus and energy and better equipped to conquer the tasks that are causing your stress and anxiety.

Positive Thoughts to Dwell On

When we get frustrated it can feel like we are ice-skating uphill, and it causes us to get mentally drained worrying about how to solve the main dilemma of the day. Tunnel vision sets in, and our thoughts get muddled and inefficient. This mental fog is debilitating and can completely throw off how you deal with tasks, or interact with others.

Think about the last few times you have lost your temper at work or at home. I can promise that your mind was stressing over some other matter, and the person you snapped at was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Imagine if you only had a moment to reflect upon what was really causing your stress, put it on hold, and dealt with the situation in a healthy and positive way? I know in my own circumstances it would definitely save me time in apologizing for my reactionary behavior during these irritable times.

My many ways of creating happy thoughts to refocus and respond:

-Thinking about former vacations
-Funny lines from my favorite movies
-Memories with my family and friends
-Upbeat songs (be careful not to break down and dance)
-Or by realizing that whatever is bugging you, will be forgotten in an hour

12 Happy Thoughts for Troubled Times

It’s okay to smile, laugh, and be calm even during the most stressful times. Life is always as easy as you make it, and by creating space you will be better focused, more productive, and at your mental best.

Take a second, create some space with a happy thought and see how refreshed and energized you will become when attacking your problems.

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