Mindfulness for Kids

Peace for Children = Peace for Parents

Peace for Children = Peace for Parents

As many of you may know, I am becoming a father soon. My stay of execution of only having to take care of myself is roughly about six more weeks. Soon my wife and I will be responsible for our son, and I have been exploring mindfulness techniques for new parents. While conducting this research I found several sources about how to start meditations with children, and I wanted to pass those along.

There are several techniques out there, I found these 4 Activities to start meditations for kids at MindBodyGreen.com:

1. Listen! Bell Meditation – Invite kids to sit up tall in “criss-cross applesauce” and let their eyes close. Ring a bell or singing bowl, and ask kids to use their sense of hearing to explore the sound. Ask them to listen very carefully, and as soon as they hear it stop, raise their hand. They can then practice attentive listening without the bell. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds in your space. Which are closest to you? Which are far away? Which to the left, or right? You can also try this meditation while walking down the street or lying in bed before falling asleep.

2. Sing! Relaxation Song – This meditation combines song with touch and brings even the youngest of kids to a place of peace. Invite kids to sit up tall. Sometimes we sing the syllables Sa Ta Na Ma, or sometimes an English affirmation like “I Am Strong.” With each syllable, touch a different finger to your thumb, starting with the pointer finger and moving to the pinky. We practice singing, whispering, and singing quietly to ourselves in our minds. This is a self-soothing exercise and can be done discretely anywhere kids want to calm down, from the train to the classroom desk to the dinner table.


3. Breathe! Take Five Breath – Your breath is always with you. Learning to check in to it from an early age is a major tool. Try “take 5 breath” where you inhale for five, and exhale for five. Use your fingers to count as you breathe. Slowing your breath will slow down your mind. Can you feel your heart rise and fall as you breathe? Can you feel the breath enter and leave your nose?

4. Watch! Cloud Gazing – Sitting quietly, pay attention to your inhale and exhale. When thoughts or feelings come up, think of them like clouds passing through your mind, which is like the sky. You can watch the clouds come and go just like you can watch clouds in the sky move and shift in their shapes. Kids may not sit too long, but just introducing this concept is a great preparation for adult meditation. And the awareness that things are always changing and things do pass is important to share and practice observing with kids.


Children who practice mindfulness have experienced reduced stress, increased creativity, and improved decision making. Students who have autism and ADHD have also seen improvements in some initial studies. Would you be willing to try any of these activities with your children, or are there other techniques you use to calm and focus your child?

This soon to be Dad would really appreciate your insight!

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