Confessions of an Apathetic Employee


My biggest pet peeve in life is when people waste my time. I have never been one that enjoys sitting idle, and I would rather work myself to the bone than stand off to the side and let minutes tick away. I enjoy working towards goals and overcoming difficult challenges to meet my objectives. I love being inspired and pushed to do my best, but lately I feel the leaders above me have muddled my purpose and their lack of vision leaves me idle and frustrated.

How Poor Leadership Can Effect Employee Motivation

In my current position I have many meetings and professional developments that I feel are detrimental to my productivity. I am an overachiever, and I learn things rather quickly. Lately I feel my time has been greatly wasted, making it difficult to focus, and to put my best efforts into my work. There is a time requirement from the school district, and all too often these meetings are stretched to meet this time, whether there is enough content or not.

My input is also not listened to as the leaders who decide our school district’s instructional strategies are never in attendance when these new procedures are presented. The people who present the information are completely unaccountable for what they are teaching us, and have zero power to modify any policies if mistakes are found.

During my most recent professional development meeting, I began imagining what my leadership style will look like after I complete my MBA, and what I could do to inspire an employee like myself.

What I came up with was these 10 leadership goals for myself:

1. Be organized: don’t waste other’s time looking for the things I need.

2. Do not micromanage: allowing others to take risks can give you unimaginable results.

3. Share knowledge as soon as you have it, not when you think others may need it. Transparency is more helpful than harmful.

4. Have faith and trust in your staff, obviously you hired them for a reason.

5. When it comes to meetings less is more: meetings should be measured by the value of the content given, not the time it takes to deliver it.

6. Don’t ask others to do what you won’t do yourself, the golden rule is time tested!

7. Ask don’t tell. Even if we know that your request is rhetorical, manners go a long way.

8. Don’t condescend; a high tide raises all ships.
Teach to the smartest and most talented people in the room, not the weakest.

9. Appreciate the efforts of others; even failures deserve encouragement and support.

10. Share your emotion, laugh harder, give hugs when needed, cry if necessary, but dammit be a genuine person!

I am a real person, I wear my emotion on my sleeve, and I love diving into the trenches to help everyone around me. A good leader must be accountable and passionate in everything they do. They must be able to take input from others and provide a leadership structure that allows everyone to achieve their best.

I don’t know where my career may lead me, but I hope to follow these goals for myself to become a more caring, passionate, and inspiring leader to those around me. I never want my employees to feel as directionless and unappreciated as I feel now. If they do, it’s more likely my fault than theirs.

I may be too optimistic, but I truly feel everyone wants to do their best. If you inspire, support, and appreciate the people around you, it will lead them into being more productive than you ever thought possible.

15 Ways to Indentify Bad Leaders

Do you feel the leaders of your organization are restricting your potential? Did the situation get better, or did you leave for a more inspiring and supportive company?

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3 thoughts on “Confessions of an Apathetic Employee

  1. Very well said! It is sad that we lose so many good teachers because of this. You really are a great one whom will be missed in this profession.

    • Ahh, thank you Jill. I’m really going to miss teaching when I finally do leave. Great friends and great memories, but the lack of respect is frustrating and demoralizing sometimes.

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