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Looking around at the ticking clock, your phone buzzes and interrupts you from what you were focusing on . . . .Was it what errands needed to be completed on the way home from work? The date of your child’s next medical appointment? Or could it be the time and location of your staff meeting? Maybe it was who you forgot to return an email or phone call to? Maybe now that you’ve been successfully distracted by all of the stimuli surrounding you, that you’ve completely forgotten what you were thinking about in the first place?

We all have these problems! In this world of 24-7 access to information, being hounded by endless obligations to our jobs, family, and friends, you cannot help but feel overwhelmed. Our society has become too distracted from what is truly important. Our lives have been transformed into a rat race in which we run ourselves ragged searching for cheese in an endless maze. Don’t you wish the world would just slow down?

Luckily there is a way in which you can create space to deal with the increasing demands of our modern society. It is called mindfulness, and I have found it very effective when dealing with my stressful life. I am creating this blog to show how you can take back your life from the demands and obligations that are weighing you down. Between working full time during the day, completing my MBA at night, and preparing for my first child, I too have problems dealing with the amount of stress thrown my way.

Although I am relatively new to mindfulness myself, I am hoping to create a powerful setting in which I can increase my knowledge of mindfulness and share with you what I have learned. Mindfulness utilizes breath meditation and yoga techniques to increase your brain’s focus, and can even be used to reduce stress, anxiety, and illness.

Is your first vision of this process of some Tibetan monks singing chants?

It was for me too.

But since learning about these techniques in my Mindful Leadership class I have found myself a more effective and happier person in both my personal and professional lives. Even Harvard Business School has devoted resources to this topic and provides mindfulness training to their graduates to create better leaders.

I value research based information, and will use articles and references from related literature whenever possible, but I will also include my own personal accounts on my mindfulness journey as well. I hope you can use the information in this blog to see the significant life changes I have already experienced through mindfulness, and I welcome any questions of feedback you may have.

Let the journey begin. . . . . .

One thought on “Welcome to Mind-FULL

  1. As a leader in my current profession, I am curious to learn techniques of mindful leadership. Currently, I am studying the work of John C Maxwill and his Laws of Leadership and Laws of Teamwork.

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